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Back to Tuesday's Tips on Tuesday!

First I know it hasn't been an every week thing like I said I would aim for (yet). Having said that, I am excited for some upgrades coming which will allow me to post videos and images on the blog here soon so that might make it easy to do more of these.

I've got some good pictures I took recently of a re-organization of my tackle and boat so I'm going to put off going back to organization until we can add the photos. This weeks topic will instead be about education.

Tuesday's Tips on a Friday?

Guys & Gals my apologies. Competitive Fishing is a hobby for me - a very serious hobby, but a hobby nonetheless. I own and run a small business as my day gig and it has been brutal for several years. We've enjoyed huge growth, and had to survive some crazy things along the way. We just had one of our largest customers file bankruptcy last week and so I've been focused on what pays my bills and just didn't have the time to throw up a blog the last couple weeks.

Expanding on Efficiency

So last Tuesday I started my blog series and started off with a topic I think is absolutely critical to success in anything you do in life. That is the concept of efficiency. I touched upon several major categories of efficiency as it relates to fishing. This week I'm going to dive deeper into the first one which is pre-tournament preparation.

The 1st of many "Tips on Tuesday"

Well my past blogging has been, well... blah. I'm going to change that this year. To start, Anglerhub gives me the perfect format and makes it easy. I like easy. I like efficient. In fact, that's a great first topic for successful tournament fishing - efficiency!!!

You guys will see I'm sort of a "stream of consciousness" blogger so enjoy the ride through my mind and I'll work to share some secrets of success.

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