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Iaconelli: “I Need This Day!”

Mike Iaconelli notched three Top 10 finishes on Lake Conroe during three Toyota Texas Bass Classic events in recent years. Still, he was a bit of a stressed-out mess amid a 1-hour fog delay on the final official practice day for the 2017 Bassmaster Classic, on the Southeast Texas reservoir he knows so well.

“I need this day!” Iaconelli confided in me as I walked past him on the wooden pier he and 51 of the best anglers in the world had their boats tied-up to.

Swindle: Conroe Will Be a Texas-Sized Test

Amid a Facebook Live post Monday night, reigning Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Gerald Swindle contemplated aloud, “If everything’s bigger in Texas, then maybe the shrimp here could be the size of squirrels.”

Squirrel-sized shrimp – the outcome of Swindle’s famous humor, blended with his sometimes-bizarre creative thinking.

But while all the talk leading into this 2017 Bassmaster Classic has been about records being broken – Swindle’s not sure the 23-pounds per day that VanDam averaged to win in New Orleans in 2011, is truly in jeopardy here.

3 Qualifiers Identify 3 Classic Surprises For Fans

After three official days of practice, young Carhartt College Champ John Garrett, along with veteran pros Mike Iaconelli and Shaw Grigsby were asked what three things about this Bassmaster Classic might surprise fans the most.

John Garrett

-- It’s difficult to get a lot of bites here, but when you get a bite, it can be a big one.

-- The lake is gonna fish really small. They’ll be a lot of us in the same area.


New year & new plans. Took a break once graduation to get gears all turning with the full time job life but now ready to get back into the swing of fishing. This year fortunate to be running all Johnson Outdoors products including two 12" Humminnbird Helix units, two 12' Talons, and the new minn kota fortrex. This year will be fishing the Okie BFL series as well as two local team tournament clubs. Will be starting YouTube channel MitchDeckerFishing. Will be posting product videos, to/from tournament updates, tournament practice updates, on the water edits, and much more.

Pre Season Meeting

Oklahoma 2 Man Boat Tournament Association
January 5 at 10:48am ·

Preseason Meeting
Sunday, 6 pm January / 22 / 2017
Luigi Pizza 3901 SE 15th Del City OK

Meeting is not mandatory.. Will go over the rules and tournament schedule. Discuss any concerns anybody has about a rule or lake on the schedule. I will try to answer any questions you may have..

Toledo Bend=world record?

June 2, 1932, Montgomery Lake, GA, George Perry set the bar on bass fishing enthusiast across the world when he landed a 22lb 4oz bass.

Since that day, there have been many close calls even on Japanese angler matching that record bass. Manabu Kurita matched that record fish on July 2, 2000, on Lake Biwa, Japan. Between these two dates, several anglers came short of this record, but worth noting.

Back to Tuesday's Tips on Tuesday!

First I know it hasn't been an every week thing like I said I would aim for (yet). Having said that, I am excited for some upgrades coming which will allow me to post videos and images on the blog here soon so that might make it easy to do more of these.

I've got some good pictures I took recently of a re-organization of my tackle and boat so I'm going to put off going back to organization until we can add the photos. This weeks topic will instead be about education.

Top 5 Finish on Arkansas River for BFL - Okie Divison

So this was an event that I decided to "Jackpot" since I fish the river at least once a week and figured I could cash a check and possibly get lucky and win. I registered just before we had torrential rains which flooded the drainage basins of the Arkansas River. The rains not only drastically impacted water levels but also water clarity. The fish were mid-spawn and combined with the spawn funk, they got the muddy water funk, so needless to say the fish were extra funky and not biting well at all!! I actually wanted my $230 entry fee back, but that wasn't an option.

Tuesday's Tips on a Friday?

Guys & Gals my apologies. Competitive Fishing is a hobby for me - a very serious hobby, but a hobby nonetheless. I own and run a small business as my day gig and it has been brutal for several years. We've enjoyed huge growth, and had to survive some crazy things along the way. We just had one of our largest customers file bankruptcy last week and so I've been focused on what pays my bills and just didn't have the time to throw up a blog the last couple weeks.

Expanding on Efficiency

So last Tuesday I started my blog series and started off with a topic I think is absolutely critical to success in anything you do in life. That is the concept of efficiency. I touched upon several major categories of efficiency as it relates to fishing. This week I'm going to dive deeper into the first one which is pre-tournament preparation.

The 1st of many "Tips on Tuesday"

Well my past blogging has been, well... blah. I'm going to change that this year. To start, Anglerhub gives me the perfect format and makes it easy. I like easy. I like efficient. In fact, that's a great first topic for successful tournament fishing - efficiency!!!

You guys will see I'm sort of a "stream of consciousness" blogger so enjoy the ride through my mind and I'll work to share some secrets of success.

Southside Hookers on Lake Hudson

This tournament was on March 19th, 2016 on Lake Hudson. The lake clarity is extremely muddy compared to normal and the fish are still in a bit of a funk due to clarity and the recent cold snap. Saturday morning was 29 degrees and ice forming everywhere on the boat, reels, and rod guides. In practice I had found a few fish in the backs of creeks where the water seemed bit more stable and slightly warmer. We started in the back of one of those creeks and managed to catch a limit by 9:30am. The fish were holding to wood and rock in 2-5 foot of water.


I fished the Tri county bass masters club event on patoka last sunday (3/13/2016). Personally it was the best day i have had on patoka since i have been fishing the lake. The water temp has quickly came up from a low 40 degree lake to a high 55-57 degree lake. The fish are starting to move into the coves and bays and are holding in 2-4 foot of water. The forage is still a mixture of crayfish and shad but the bigger fish seem to be feeding on the larger shad moving into the area.

FLW COSTA on Sam Rayburn 2016

I went up and practiced for 4 days about 3 weeks prior to the tournament. Having never been on Sam Rayburn, I was intimidated by its size and diverse vegetation. When I decided to checkout a popular area known as "Veach" and realized it was as large as Lake Oologah which is a local lake back home which in my opinion is pretty BIG; I knew I wouldn't be able to practice the way I wanted to nor cover the amount of water I wanted to.

Costa FLW series Rayburn

Wow what a awesome lake! Five days of practice with 20-30 fish per day. A strong cold front came thru just before the tournament started and I was pretty confident these fish would move tighter to cover and that is exactly what they did. I had to change things up and go flipping into very heavy cover. Some of these fish were 15-20' deep into the buck brush, hay grass, and giant salvinia. And those were the three ingredients that I needed to get the bigger fish to bite.

Talk To Us!

Wow!  The positive comments and support from the community is humbling.  We've been in touch with so many Trail Directors and Tournament Anglers and the feedback has been awesome. 

We have a very unique set of skills, talent and tools that enables our team to literally make HUGE daily changes based off what we are being told.  Bottom line is we are fanatical about bringing you tools that make the lifestyle of fishing more fulfilling. 

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