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Oklahoma 2 Man Boat Tournament Association Bass Tournament Rules 1. Participants and Eligibility: Participation in each tournament is an Member format with $30 membership dues per angler. The only acceptions are at either the Jackpot or Fundraiser tournaments. Also non members participating in open tournaments are required to pay a $10 non-member fee to participate. Anybody 18 years old or older. Persons under the age of 18 may fish in the same boat with someone 18 years old or older. All participants must be good standing with Oklahoma 2 Man Boat Tournament Association. And sign the liability waiver form before participating in any tournaments. Teams are allowed one non-member teammate substitution per year. If new teammate is needed that person must join the club as a member in order to substitute in more than one tournament. 2. Citations: A contestant cited by officers for violation of State or Federal fishing regulations will be disqualified. 3. Tackle and Equipment: All fish must be caught in a legal sporting manner. Intentional snagging of fish will not be allowed. Only artificial lures can be used. Liquid fish attractants are allowed. Only one (1) rod may be used at any one time. Other rods may be in the boat and ready for use, however, every cast and retrieve must be completed before another cast is made. 4. Official Boats and motor sizes: All boats must not be longer than 14 feet in length, (with exceptions See footnotes at bottom of the page.) . Outboard motor cannot exceed the OEM recommended motor size, or not to exceed 25 HP in size. All boat must have a working OEM working live-well or portable live-well with an aeration system(including kayaks). All boat must be open to Official inspections before and after each tournament. Each team is required to comply with all requests. Boats without proper light system cannot be in the water until 15 minutes before sunrise. All boats must have flotation vests/cushions. Boats with an outboard motor must also have a fire extinguisher, and working kill-switch to the motor if it came equipped from the factory with one. Also open to any kayaks. 5. Fishing: You can fish by yourself or with a partner in the same boat, but no more than two (2) participants. No non-participants allowed in the boat. Each BOAT will only be allowed to weight 5 fish. (not each participant). All boats and participants must check in and pay tournament fees at official weigh-in ramp area. Teams can sign in up to 30 minutes prior to official start time. Participants can trailer to any place to launch an official start time on the official lake once they have checked in. Participants can trailer back to the official weigh-in site, but make it back by the official end time, or encure a 1 lb per minute, and a DQ after 10 minutes penalty. 6. Sportsmanship: All contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety, and conservation. Any team who displays poor sportsmanship violates these rules or any state or local laws or brings unfavorable publicity to the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified. 7. Encroachment: A "50-yard rule" is in effect at all times during competition. No contestant's boat may move within 50 yards of another contestant's boat at any time for the purpose of fishing without the consent of all contestants' involved. A boat moving from one area to another may infringe upon this zone as long and the parties that are moving do not fish and do not intentionally disrupt the area. Judging distance is very difficult on the water. As a general rule of sportsmanship, all anglers should give all others enough room to make a reasonable cast to fish an area. 8. Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs: At no time during tournament hours are alcoholic beverages or drugs other than prescription allowed. 9. Protest: All protest must be submitted to the Tournament Director within 5 minutes of the tournament officials close the scales. All protest will be decided by the Tournament Director and 2 participants selected by the Tournament Director that's not involved in the protest, all decisions are final. All payouts will be delayed until any and all protest are handled. 10. Individual Scoring: Only black bass can be scored. Each BOAT with either an individual or 2 participants may weigh in five (5) fish per day. Only Black Bass allowed. (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass/Kentucky) with NONE less than 14 inches in length, measured on a flat board, used by the weight committee, with the mouth closed and tail compressed. If anyone brings in more than five (5) bass, the largest bass will be rejected and faced a 4 oz. penalty. Dead bass will be 4 oz. penalty and can not count towards big bass. Tournament standings will be determined by the total weight for the competition days of the tournament. Any individual weighs in a fish in under 14” length will be assessed an 8 oz. penalty plus the loss of the illegal fish. Each fisherman is required to return to a specified checkpoint. Any team returning to the checkpoint late will be penalized at the rate of 1 lb. per minute up to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes no weight will be allowed. 11. Big Bass Contest: Based on the heaviest weight of bass caught each day. Big Bass participation is not required and the entry fee is separate from the tournament fees. It will be a 100% payout. In case of a tie, it will be decided by the total weight of each TEAM. Going until the tie is broken.Dead bass will not qualify. 12. Tournament Scoring: Each BOAT of either one (1) or two (2) anglers combination of five (5) bass total on a single day tournament. And five (5) on the second and final day of a two-day tournament. The standings will be determined by the total weight of both days. 12a. End of Year Points Championship Scoring: The total combined score from each tournament will determine the AOY Championship team. The total combined weight from each tournament will determine the Angler of Year team. Points will be scored by where a team places in each tournament. 1st place = 100 points plus total weight of fish weighed. 2nd place = 99 points plus total weight. 3rd place = 98 points plus total weight. Going on down minus 1 point per place plus total weight to the last boat weighing fish. Any boat not weighing fish will receive the same points as last boat weighing fish, minus 20 points and the total weight. To Qualify for the EOY Championship, AOY, and Championship Tournament a team must fish at least 6 out of 9 tournaments but pay for a total of 7 entries. 12b. Tournament Rankings and Prizes: OK2MBTA payout split will be 90% payout with 10% going into AOY Fund. The rankings will be based on total weight. If two contestants have the same weight at the end of the tournament the prize money for those to spots combined will be split evenly. Cash and Prizes will be determined at tournaments based on the number of entries and sponsors. OK2MBTA payout of 90% of entry fees. 1st Place = 50% 2nd Place = 30% 3rd Place = 20% 4 - 6 boats will pay 1st- 2nd place 7- 15 boats will pay 1st -3rd place One pay slot will be added per every 5 boats over 15. All entry fees will be 90% payout. with 10% going to AOY fund. Championship winner will be awarded %50 of raised funds from tournament club. 13. Boat Types and Length Exceptions: Jon Boats flat bottom or V-hull,1-2 man Pontoon Boat, Kayaks, and any of the Plastic 2-man boats like Buster, Pelicans. With the wide variety in lengths in these type of small boats, As long as the Original Manufacturer list and sales it as a 14' boat it will be allowed. Or it is titled by the State of Oklahoma as a 14-foot boat. The max of 4 inches over 14 feet for any type of boat. Anything over 14'-4" will not be allowed. The outboard or trolling motor will not be considered in the overall length of any type of boat. Measured from the front of the bow to the transom on Jon Boats and Plastic 2 man boats. Buster style boats will be measured from front trolling motor mount to rear transom mount. Small fishing pontoon boats will be from front to back of either the deck or pontoon, whichever is longest. 13a. Kayaks are not subject to the 14' length limit, as long as they are human or electric trolling motor powered. But they must have either a working live well w/aeration system or some type of live free swimming containment system tow behind the Kayak. No fish baskets or stringers allowed. If a kayak uses a containment system, they must have a working aeration system for transporting fish to the weigh-in site if not returning by water. 14. Outboard Motors No boat shall have an outboard motor more than 25 HP. No boat shall have an outboard that is more Horse Power then what the boat is rated for. 15. No Limit Tournaments. The Maximin Length and Outboard Horse Power rules will not apply in these tournaments. Any type of boat is allowed. All must have a working live well system. Oklahoma 2 Man Boat Tournament Association reserves the rights to change or modify any rules/programs. If any changes, the new changes would be announced no less then 1 week before a tournament, and posted to this rules section, and at the meeting before the tournament. If you need clarification on any rule, message us, or make a post asking for clarification on the group page and we will post a reply as soon as possible..
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