Amped Up for FLW Costa on Grand Lake!

Professional Angler

So Event #2 of the FLW Costa Southwest Division is quickly approaching and I'm starting to get more excited and nervous with each passing day! I love this charge of emotion and if you don't get this feeling leading up to a big event, then perhaps you should take up Frisbee golf!

Event #2 (April 7th-9th) is being held at Grand Lake in Grove, OK which is where the Bassmaster Classic was held just a few weeks ago so needless to say not only has it received a ton of attention, but the Elite Pros showed a lot of uneducated anglers where some good spots are located. That being said...some of my favorite early spring areas were fortunately NOT exposed on national television or via Bassmaster Live feeds!

I'm headed down on Friday April 1st to begin my practice and will stay on the lake until the tournament begins. The bite has been on and off lately for many of the locals that know the lake well so I anticipate a tough practice followed by a tough tournament. But with all that said, this is the time of year when everything turns on like fire overnight so who really knows what is in store especially considering Grand Lake just produced two of the biggest bags the lake has ever seen, with the largest being over 32lbs! Big girls are getting caught everywhere but it's hard to find 5 of them.

I'll spend my practice in all regions of the lake trying to determine where I can get the highest number of quality bites. I suspect that it will take a lot of weight to do well and I don't want to get distracted with numbers of small fish.