Bagley Bait Co. Sponsor Announcement

Professional Angler

Hey Everyone another exciting and busy week!

Half way through the week, hope everyone gets to make it out to the lake this weekend as here in Oklahoma the weather is a little better. Guided trips are booking for the next several weeks with many crappie trips along with a few eager ones wanting to chase some winter largemouth. That being said thank you to all that came out to the recent Guides & Outfitters day at Bass Pro!

After many years of throwing many baits I find myself especially here in Oklahoma on the river or Fort Gibson with structure such as laydowns or docks. Targets like these especially the thick laydown and branches are perfect places to slide a balsa bait into. Growing up fishing with my grandpa in the back of his Ranger on Grand Lake I can remember many days throwing a balsa plug, a Bagley at that. Fishing with one is one thing but when simply talking fishing you can generally say the name Killer B around bass fisherman and ears perk up and heads turn. Bagley is a company and selection of baits that have stood the test of time which leads me to announcing that I will be representing Bagley Bait Co during 2018!

Check out the great line-up of baits at