Oklahoma Muzzleloader opening weekend

Hey Everybody,
Took a break from the water and hit the woods this past weekend. always a great time just spending some camp time with good friends and family. We been able to hunt this lease in NE Oklahoma 20+ years and have had a great time doing so. Weather was below freezing in the mornings with crisp breeze throughout the afternoon. Deer activity was heavy seeing lots of deer and with some of the younger bucks we saw rutting activity (trailing & chasing). Also on the unfortunate side we saw a lot of hogs which have made a showing the past couple years.

Long time friend and "brother from another mother" shot his best buck to date! Great buck and proud of Ruben on his harvest!

Going to hit the woods again this weekend for some rutting activity, but may time to sneak an evening in this week after work for some bass or some crappie. Crappie are heating up on Gibson. Check out Fort Gibson Elite guiding.