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Top 5 Finish on Arkansas River for BFL - Okie Divison

So this was an event that I decided to "Jackpot" since I fish the river at least once a week and figured I could cash a check and possibly get lucky and win. I registered just before we had torrential rains which flooded the drainage basins of the Arkansas River.

Amped Up for FLW Costa on Grand Lake!

So Event #2 of the FLW Costa Southwest Division is quickly approaching and I'm starting to get more excited and nervous with each passing day! I love this charge of emotion and if you don't get this feeling leading up to a big event, then perhaps you should take up Frisbee golf!

Southside Hookers on Lake Hudson

This tournament was on March 19th, 2016 on Lake Hudson. The lake clarity is extremely muddy compared to normal and the fish are still in a bit of a funk due to clarity and the recent cold snap. Saturday morning was 29 degrees and ice forming everywhere on the boat, reels, and rod guides.

FLW COSTA on Sam Rayburn 2016

I went up and practiced for 4 days about 3 weeks prior to the tournament. Having never been on Sam Rayburn, I was intimidated by its size and diverse vegetation.

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