No. 1 - Social Media Reach

Jeff Dobson - Social Media

All about that reach!  This one is absolutely key!  Social media is a big deal and the more people that follow an angler on their social channels the more market potential they have. Whether we like it or not, if an angler has reach their chances of landing sponsorships increase.  From your local club hero trying to make their way in, all the way up to the Classic Champ, this is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways to support an angler. If you really want to help a guy or gal out go "creep" them on facebook, instagram, snapchat or twitter.   Follow their pages and share their posts.  Be your own editor on this and share things you feel are valuable. (It helps boost post credibility when you are selective, plus you don’t look like a tween following NSYNC in 1995.  ;)   Also, be sure to subscribe to an angler’s youtube channels and log on to their websites.  It seems we have all relied so much on social outlets that we forget about the juice.  Many times a youtube channel and website have the good stuff!


Above: FLW Pro Jeff Dobson uses social media to promote sponsors with real world experience.