No.3 - Spend a little cheese.

Jeff Sprague

Purchasing Power.   If an angler you really enjoy is selling a product, buy it!  We arent saying go out and drop $2k on a new ultrex (although we totally recommend it ), but if you are going to purchase a new rod, reel, or tackle anyway why not buy into what your pros are selling?   More than likely you are getting a great product along with the knowledge collected from the pro to back your purchase. Not the goofball at the sporting goods store that usually stocks crocs on isle 12.   If you have a question about a product.. ASK.. Let them flex their brain muscles about the knowledge they have to push their products.  After all.. that's why they are there in the first place.  If they do a good job of selling you, let them know about it and let their sponsors know about it.  These gestures can go a long way both with future representation and it reassures them they are doing a good job.

Above: Jeff Sprague shows off the new Sixth Sense rod series. (photo cred. FLW)