No.5 - K2 Lithium Batteries

I’m so happy, because today i found my friends… Wait.. that’s Lithium by Nirvana (Nevermind Album 1992 if you’re now searching).. THIS is K2 Lithium and it. is. absolute. POWER.  It is also absolutely expensive.   I’m not going to lie at $795 ea. these batteries are not for everybody, but they are amazing in every other way than cost.  I will weigh in heavy on this one because I own a set and it’s hard to explain until you have installed them.  First the weight..  You can grab that little handle with three fingers and lift it with ease. They weigh 19lbs. (Yes, 19.) that is less than half the weight of your bag of dog food, or only 1 lb heavier than all of that tungsten you’re hauling around in your boat now. ;)  They recharge lighting fast, something like 3-4 hours from completely dead to tournament ready.   They also will charge 2,000+ times (lab tested) and are rated to last up to 10 years.  If the cell holds like they are supposed to maybe longer.   True 48ah power and zero fall off for the duration of the charge.  Again,  they are pricey and that is something we all have to contend with but they are amazing so far.  To learn more go to  or give them a follow on facebook.   Rock ‘n’ roll!