No.5 - Reach Out

kyle cortiana

Good vibrations! It means a TON to guys to get positive messages and cheers from fans. Hours, days and weeks of preparation comes down to Derby Day(s) and whether they are leading it wire to wire or flat out couldn’t get on them, words of encouragement are always welcome. Please remember these guys are chasing a dream, working hard, and a lot of the time trying to support their families. There is an immense amount of pressure going on in their life and all it takes is knowing they are affecting just one fan in a positive way. The most amazing thing about our sport is that anglers in general are just good guys and we all share the same passion. Strike a conversation and see where it leads you. Ya never know, you may be fishing on tour one day!

Above: Kyle Cortiana talks with a group of students about a fishing as a professional. 

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