Currently AnglerHub can offer some basic tools to host and collect Tournament Results from multi day tournaments.  Essentially there are two fields you'll engage with as a Tournament Director to collect multiple day Tournaments.

The two fields:

Depending on what type of information you create, you may find yourself asking: "Where did that go?".  A few tips.  Tournament Entry Results attach to Tournaments, so going to the Tournament in question will probably show the page.  Tournaments attach to Trails, so going to that Trail will show the added Tournament.  Trails belong to AnglerHub Profiles, so going to that profile will show you all the Trails made.

Otherwise, you can always go click on the 'Your Pages' link under the Manage Menu on your Dashboard page.  This will always show you everything you have authored.

When you first register with AnglerHub we will do a couple things for you.  First, we will create your AnglerHub Account. This is the piece that holds your username, email and password among other things.  We'll also get you started with a default AnglerHub Profile page.

We are still in the process in getting things geocoded.  If you have a Lake that doesn't show a pin dot on your Trail or Tournament Pages just let us know.  You have done everything correctly we just need to geocode the Lake.  It is a quick process and once done the pin dots and maps will appear.  This is a dwindling issue however.

The information on the Tournament Results is what it is all about.  This means money and clout - bottom line.  Here are the measures we have in place to preserve and protect this process.  

Currently Classifieds Ads are free.  You can have as many as you want.  Each Ad comes with a 30 day time limit.  However, with a simple checkbox click and at anytime you can add 30 more days to the listing if you want.  We have the time limit just so if the account is abandoned then old content does not linger on our site by design.  So while the listings do expire after 30 days, you can relist any listing at anytime for another 30 days, for as long as you need. 

The AngleHub Leader Boards will show per State per Lake/Body of Water and per Trail.  We'll soon have some National Leader Boards when enough data comes in.  The more Trail Directors we have inputting their Tournament Results the better and more competitive the Leader Boards become.  Encourage your Trail Director to use our Tournament Entry Result tools (all free).

Adding a Trail is something you do after you have signed up.  If you selected you are a Tournament Director then you will be granted the ability to create a Trail.  A video exists on the next page after signup explaining how to add a Trail.  We included it below as well.


We get asked this all the time!  Seriously folks, its free!  Whether you are a Trail/Tournament Director or basic Member the site is free to use.  You can have as many Bookmarks, Classified Ads, Trails, Tournaments and Tournament Result Entries you can handle.  We do not charge for any of it.  With that said, we do offer a Trail Director Plus account which allows you to additionally create Tournament Photo Galleries and also add Sponsors to your Trails and Tournaments.  This enhanced account also allows you to add Trail Uploads, like rules, entry forms etc..

Tell us! We are happy and eager to enter your lakes, rivers, water ways, etc... that our system may not yet have.  Good news is when we enter it that body of water will be forever in the system to reference.

A way to track and incentivize users for entering certain types of content.  At present this is still under discussion and the rewards are yet to be determined.

It depends.  In order to preserve the content of AnglerHub you can not delete from the system Trails, Tournaments or Tournament Entry Results.  If you need to REMOVE these items from lists then when you edit these respective entries at the bottom where the save button is will be a button to UNPUBLISH.  You can choose to undo this later by clicking PUBLISH.