How Can I Do Multi Day Tournaments?

Currently AnglerHub can offer some basic tools to host and collect Tournament Results from multi day tournaments.  Essentially there are two fields you'll engage with as a Tournament Director to collect multiple day Tournaments.

The two fields:

  1. Yes or No Multiple Day Tournament Declaration - This exists on the Tournament creation form and is simply asking "Is this Tournament multiple days?"  You would check the box if so.  That's it.
  2. Tournament Day - This exists on the Tournament Entry Result form, and asks what day the Tournament result is for.  The VAST majority of Tournaments are going to be single day, in which case this field defaults to the number 1 (for Day 1).  If the entry you are adding was for a second day, you simply click the drop down box and choose Day 2.

Difference between Day 1 and the rest:

Since there are so many formats on how directors collect this information, we tried to make a form that was flexible and hard to mess up.  For any result that is selected as Day 1 you'll notice two fields are presented at the top of the form.

  1. Name 1
  2. Name 2

We'll leave it up to you what this means.  Sometimes this takes the form of Last Name / Last Name of the team on the boat (e.g. Priddy / Tucker).  Or you can do First Name Last Name / First Name Last Name (e.g. Tanner Priddy / Justin Tucker).  Some Trails don't have teams in which case you can just use the first field (Name 1) and simply type in the name of that boat or individual angler.

On multiple day Tournaments the results get aggregated based on the title of the Tournament Result Form.  For example the team of Priddy / Tucker is not the same as Priddy/Tucker (notice the spaces removed around forward slash "/").  Nor would it aggregate correctly if misspelled like Pretty / Tucker.  

To remove this issue when the Tournament Day field is anything other than 1 (for Day 1) you will notice the Name 1 and Name 2 fields disappear, and in its place is a drop down list of all the previous entry titles you created on Day 1.  You can then select from that list which team you are referencing.  This selection will become the title of the new Day 2 entry. That way you can simply select the correct Team or Result and ensure the titles remain the same.