What is an AnglerHub Profile Page?

When you first register with AnglerHub we will do a couple things for you.  First, we will create your AnglerHub Account. This is the piece that holds your username, email and password among other things.  We'll also get you started with a default AnglerHub Profile page.

Your SINGLE AnglerHub Account can have MULTIPLE AnglerHub Profile Pages.  This was done to capture all the scenarios an Angler may find themselves in.  For example, it is possible that a Pro Angler also manages a Trail.  In this case the user may want to create three AnglerHub Profiles:

  1. The default AnglerHub Profile we created for you when you created your AnglerHub account.
  2. Another AnglerHub Profile for the user's Trail management activities.
  3. Perhaps another AnglerHub Profile for the user's Pro Angler activities.

Trail Pages:

If you are the director of a trail we make it quick and easy to get your schedule on line and promoted!  Quickly add your schedule, entry fees, membership fees, contacting information and even results.  Any trail schedules that are entered on anglerhub.com automatically show up on our master calendars per state and on our awesome iOS and Android App!   Get your trail signed up today! 

College / High School / Youth Team Pages:

College, High School and youth leage teams have the ability to create team pages to help manage their team schedule, roster, standings and more!
These types of profiles are taken very serioulsy by AnglerHub and are verified upon creation for authenticity.  If any profile is ever abused we will take appropriate actions with the account owner.   Get your team page created now!

Business Pages:

Do you own a business in fishing industry?  AnglerHub Business profiles are a quick and easy way to get your business recognized by anglers!  Your businesses can also be asigned to lakes so that your name will appear on local lake search results.  Let AnglerHub help your business grow!

Benefits of AnglerHub Profile Pages:

  1. Each profile has its own unique URL that may be shared on social media.
  2. It becomes an indexed place for your information that Google may return in results for.
  3. These are what show in our directories, and provides a structured way for users to get to your information.
  4. All AnglerHub Profiles can be managed from a single AnglerHub account!

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