Lake Finder

We have thousands of Lakes in our database and the locations are growing due to the increase in Kayak Fishing, which sometimes use remote areas and locations that only AnglerHub is capturing. Start by typing the first few letters of the name of the Lake, like Texoma for example (in some cases rivers). Let our tool provide you options (let the wheel spin for a second) then hit apply.

Do not use the word 'lake'.
Lake Name State
Konawa Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Texoma Lake, OK/TX Oklahoma
Texoma Lake, OK/TX Texas
Canton Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Fort Cobb Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Foss Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Ellsworth Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Bucks Lake, California California
Shanty Hollow Lake, Kentucky Kentucky
Smith Lake, Oregon Oregon
Green Lake, MN Minnesota
Ivanpah Lake, California California
Cresbard Lake, South Dakota South Dakota
Ray County Community Lake, Missouri Missouri
Mahoning Creek Lake, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Tenaya Lake, California California
Wolf River Chain of Lakes Wisconsin
Canaan Lake, New York New York
Rector Lake, California California
Watts Bar (largest in Tennessee) Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Crystal (Manchester) Lake, New Hampshire New Hampshire
Weiss Lake, Alabama Alabama
Mattoon Lake, Illinois Illinois
Upper St. Regis Lake, New York New York
McSpadden Lake, Texas Texas
Silver Basin Lake, Michigan Michigan
Lizard Lake, Iowa Iowa
Dorena Lake, Oregon Oregon
Winona Lake, Vermont Vermont
Dorris Lake, California California
Cochituate Lake, Massachusetts Massachusetts
Coatesville Lake, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Scuppernong River, North Carolina North Carolina
Silver (Harrisville) Lake, New Hampshire New Hampshire
Mammoth Pool Lake, California California
Sinai Lake, South Dakota South Dakota
Iron Horse Trail Lake, Nebraska Nebraska
Taylor Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Almy Pond Lake, Rhode Island Rhode Island
Forest Lake, Connecticut Connecticut
Erie Lake, New York New York
Childress Lake, Texas Texas
Grand Lake, Michigan Michigan
Resivoir of Egypt Lake, Illinois Illinois
Long Lake, North Dakota North Dakota
Somerville Lake, Texas Texas
Balboa Lake, California California
Beaver Lake, Kentucky Kentucky
Lost Creek Lake, Oregon Oregon
Prince Lake, Virginia Virginia
Guadalupe Lake, California California
Oliphant Lake, South Carolina South Carolina
Cameron City s Lake, Missouri Missouri
Eucha Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Erie Lake, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Silver Lake, California California
June Lake, Florida Florida
Brantley Lake, New Mexico New Mexico
O'Neill Forebay Lake, California California
Twin s Lake, South Dakota South Dakota
Willow Creek Lake, Nebraska Nebraska
Columbia Lake, Alabama Alabama
Chatuge (extends into North Carolina) Lake, Georgia Georgia
Notch Lake, New York New York
Howell Lake, Texas Texas
Raystown Lake, PA Pennsylvania
Stella Lake, Michigan Michigan
Wolf Lake, Indiana Indiana
Bonny s Lake, Oregon Oregon
Arrowhead Mountain Lake, Vermont Vermont
Castle Lake, California California
Clear Lake, Louisiana Louisiana
Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon Oregon
Connecticut River, CT Connecticut
Mascoma Lake, New Hampshire New Hampshire
La Grange Lake, California California
Kampeska Gravel Pits Lake, South Dakota South Dakota
Viking Lake, Missouri Missouri
Okemah Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Prompton Lake, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Turlock Lake, California California
Delta Lake, New York New York
Balmorhea Lake, Texas Texas
Greenough Pond Lake, New Hampshire New Hampshire
Black Lake, Michigan Michigan
Griswold Lake, Illinois Illinois
Gaston Lake, NC/VA Virginia
Negrohead Lake, Texas Texas
Walled Lake, Michigan Michigan
Saylorville Lake, Iowa Iowa
Foster Lake, Oregon Oregon
Emporia Lake, Virginia Virginia
El Mirage Lake, California California
Butterfly Pond Lake, Rhode Island Rhode Island
Saltonstall Lake, Massachusetts Massachusetts
Brushy Creek Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Eaton Lake, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Banks Lake, Washington Washington
Third Connecticut Lake, New Hampshire New Hampshire
Merritt Lake, California California