Lake Finder

We have thousands of Lakes in our database and the locations are growing due to the increase in Kayak Fishing, which sometimes use remote areas and locations that only AnglerHub is capturing. Start by typing the first few letters of the name of the Lake, like Texoma for example (in some cases rivers). Let our tool provide you options (let the wheel spin for a second) then hit apply.

Do not use the word 'lake'.
Lake Name State
Grand Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Texoma Lake, OK/TX Oklahoma
Texoma Lake, OK/TX Texas
Kentucky Lake, KY/TN Kentucky
Kentucky Lake, KY/TN Tennessee
Okeechobee Lake, Florida Florida
Sooner Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Dardanelle Lake, Arkansas Arkansas
Ohio River, OH/IN/KY Illinois
Ohio River, OH/IN/KY Kentucky
Sardis Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Ohio River, OH/IN/KY Ohio
Fort Gibson Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Hartwell Lake, SC/GA Georgia
Hartwell Lake, SC/GA South Carolina
Arkansas River, Arkansas Arkansas
Sam Rayburn Lake, Texas Texas
Mississippi River MN/WI Minnesota
Murray Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Mississippi River MN/WI Wisconsin
Keystone Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Okemah Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Arkansas River, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Cherokee Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Chickamauga Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Saint Clair Lake, Michigan Michigan
Kerr Lake, NC/VA North Carolina
Potomac River, Maryland Maryland
Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri Missouri
Kerr Lake, NC/VA Virginia
Champlain Lake, New York New York
Pickwick Lake, Alabama Alabama
Eufaula Lake, Alabama Alabama
Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia Virginia
Arbuckle Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Smith Lake, Alabama Alabama
Lanier Lake, Georgia Georgia
McGee Creek Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
High Rock Lake, North Carolina North Carolina
Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Lake Wylie, NC/SC North Carolina
Santee Cooper Lake, South Carolina South Carolina
Hamilton Lake, Arkansas Arkansas
Lake Wylie, NC/SC South Carolina
Table Rock Lake, MO/AR Missouri
Toledo Bend Lake, TX/LA Texas
Table Rock Lake, MO/AR Arkansas
Toledo Bend Lake, TX/LA Louisiana
Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Upper Chesapeake, MD Maryland
Kaw Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Watts Bar (largest in Tennessee) Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Cumberland Lake, Kentucky Kentucky
Neely Henry Lake, Alabama Alabama
Detroit River, MI Michigan
Konawa Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Patoka Lake, Indiana Indiana
Canton Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Carl Blackwell Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Norman Lake, North Carolina North Carolina
Thunderbird Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Hudson Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Rend Lake, Illinois Illinois
Clarks Hill Lake, SC/GA Georgia
Guntersville Lake, Alabama Alabama
Ross Barnett Lake, Mississippi Mississippi
James River, Virginia Virginia
Shelbyville Lake, Illinois Illinois
Clarks Hill Lake, SC/GA South Carolina
Lake Keowee, SC South Carolina
Mead Lake, Nevada Nevada
Center Hill Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Ouachita Lake, Arkansas Arkansas
Toho Lake, Florida Florida
Stockton Lake, Missouri Missouri
Sportsman Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oconee Lake, Georgia Georgia
Monroe Lake, Indiana Indiana
Greenleaf Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Prague Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Jordan Lake, North Carolina North Carolina
Tims Ford Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Martin Lake, Alabama Alabama
Wolf River Chain of Lakes Wisconsin
R.C. Longmire Lake, Oklahoma Oklahoma
Lay Lake, Alabama Alabama
Seminole Lake, GA/FL Florida
Douglas Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
Grand Lake St. Mary's Ohio
Seminole Lake, GA/FL Georgia
Truman Lake, Missouri Missouri
Sinclair Lake, Georgia Georgia
J. Percy Priest Lake, Tennessee Tennessee
California Delta, California California
Wheeler Lake, Alabama Alabama
Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Florida Florida
Barren River Lake, Kentucky Kentucky
Mosquito Lake, Ohio Ohio
St. Lawrence River New York