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SpotSafe is a waypoint management application for anglers, designed in response to the question "Who has time to play on their mobile device while trying to fish?" As with other fishing apps, waypoints and catches can automatically be placed "here" and documented with photos when you are on the water. However, SpotSafe makes it particularly easy to drop waypoints on world class satellite imagery when planning ahead or after a day of fishing, when you have time to add notes and other details. In addition, SpotSafe stands alone in waypoint logging features that keep your data safe, organized and private. We do NOT store your data in the cloud - YOUR SPOTS, YOUR DATA, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. We DO make waypoint management easy and secure.


Device-Dedicated Spot Management

We take a new approach to how you store your information. Unlike other apps that require you to store your waypoints and logs on their cloud service, SpotSafe stores your information privately on your device and makes it easy to send backups to yourself using your private email. No new user names and passwords here, just the tools that you already trust plus a new application to apply them to spot management.

Spot and Catch Logging

We unlock the power of your spots by adding the ability to add photos, notes, weather, lake conditions and catches to every spot in your personal data library. Most importantly this can be done OFF WATER and not while you are on your fishing trip. We took this approach because who honestly has time to log waypoints and catches while you are trying to fish? You can now log details while you are in your recliner, not on the deck of your boat.

Spot Backup and Restore

Our easy-to-use backup features compile all or parts of your waypoints and logs into a file that you email to any address and that you can retrieve and store on your device at a any time. Your waypoint and catch data will never be sent to SpotSafe in any shape or form. Its your data, you keep it where it belongs. WITH YOU.

Spot Sharing

Sharing spots with anglers inside your trusted circle has never been more convenient or secure. Simply select the waypoints you wish to share and use the "Share Spots" function to package your waypoints in a file and email them to another SpotSafe user. The spots can then be opened by that user in SpotSafe, where the spots are watermarked by you as the sender and locked against further sharing. To share spots with non-SpotSafe users, you can capture selected spots (that are not locked) in a screenshot and send them via SMS/MMS text.

Spot Import/Export

SpotSafe easily imports waypoints that you have exported from your boat-mounted unit in the universal GPX format, supported by all major sonar unit vendors. SpotSafe also can export waypoints in GPX format for import into your unit.

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