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5 Rods every co-angler should own.

5 Rods Every Co-Angler should own.

How many rods do you need for a Bass tournament?  That is an age-old question that has a simple answer… ALL OF THEM!  Usually this is not an issue if you’re running your own boat, but if you’re a Co-Angler, you do not have this luxury.  You have to get the maximum performance and flexibility out

5 ways you can support a Pro

When you reach a certain level of angling there are two key ingredients to excel in the fishing industry and possibly even make it a career. One is skill and the other is promotion.

5 fishing companies making waves!

Five fishing companies making waves!

You guys know what I’m talking about, companies that you are starting to notice legitimately lighting up leaderboards and in turn, social media feeds.  Whether it is for their innovation in design, quality control, or simply just bang for the buck.  We like to think of ourselves as a cool trendin