5 Rods every co-angler should own.

5 Rods Every Co-Angler should own.

How many rods do you need for a Bass tournament?  That is an age-old question that has a simple answer… ALL OF THEM!  Usually this is not an issue if you’re running your own boat, but if you’re a Co-Angler, you do not have this luxury.  You have to get the maximum performance and flexibility out of each rod and reel combination.  As a Co-Angler, you need to be able to do more with less.  We teamed up with Angler Hub staffer and FLW Co-Angler Mike Mueller to get you his take on what is needed to make it simple and keep you versitile.

"Now, this may seem like a lot of different options, but that is the idea."  Mueller Explains.  "The Co-Angler needs to create to most possible scenarios for themselves with the least amount of tackle. When faced with these scenarios, you cannot just rely on the 5 reels that are mounted on your rods.  The key to success with this setup is also carrying back-up reels in your bag. I generally bring 3 additional reels with braid, mono, or Seaguar fluorocarbon lines in different pound-test line. For example, If I’m throwing the 7’-0” Medium cranking rod with my squarebill up shallow, I will have a Lews 6.4:1 reels with at least 15# fluorocarbon on it.  If I switch to deep cranking later, I will change-up to a Lews 5.1:1 reel with 10# fluorocarbon line on it. In the same light, if I’m using the 7’-6” Medium Heavy setup to flip jigs with 25# flouro, I would then switch to a Lews 8.3:1 reel with braid for throwing a frog, an A-Rig, or to punch mats. Variety and flexibility is the key as a Co-Angler.  You do not need 10-12 rods strewn throughout the boat.  Follow these guidelines and keep your area neat and tidy.  This will make for a great day, and your boater will be happy!"

Below are the rods Mike recommends and a short summary of why.  Be sure to check out Mike's Facebook page to learn more about him and his sponsors!