6'-6" Medium Heavy

Mike Mueller

When I’m heading to my National events, I try to keep my rod choices to a minimum.  A few years ago, I fished a National circuit that only allowed 5 rods for a Co-angler.  Due to the fact that a Co-angler will never know what they will be doing from day-to-day, this made that limitation difficult for some.  This caused me to stop and analyze what 5 rods can give me the most variety of fishing options, and this is what I came up with.

My first rod would be a 6’-6” Medium-Heavy.  I use this for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and swimbaits.  Some people like 7’+ rods for these lures, but there are times when this slightly shorter rod is more accurate, and makes the underhand roll cast a bit easier to execute.  This is a critical presentation from the back of the boat, as you really need to be creative with your casts, as your angles are generally not optimal.